The Bank Association carries out the activities in the interest of its members relating to the banking and other financial activity pursued by its members. In the course of discharging its activity, The Bank Association shall take care of the interests of its members.

Primary activities of the Association are:

  • represents common interests of the members of the Bank Association by engaging with the Slovenian government bodies, monetary authorities, financial organisations and other associations to ensure its members’ voice is heard by responding to the issues arising from macroeconomic and monetary policies affecting the industry;
  • connects with the real sector, financial organisations and scientific, technical and other institutions to advance the development of the money market and the capital market and to promote banking operations and other financial services;
  • advises and proposes measures designed to facilitate modernisation of operations carried out by its members, their organisation, work technology and standardisation;
  • performs financial and legal consultancy services;
  • organises the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes (IRPS/ADR) in relation to the provision of banking services;
  • engages experts to address the needs of its members on a proposal from its members and the Supervisory Board;
  • organises project tasks in the field of research and development of financial services and banking operations;
  • develops information systems and information technology for the needs of its members;
  • participates in drafting common standards and solutions with the field of operations banks and other members, payment services, technology and technique, and works in the standardisation of all types of forms;
  • analyses operations of the banking, i.e. financial sector;
  • organises professional training for banking operations and other financial services and organises examinations to acquire rights to take up and pursue certain specialised operations in banking;
  • issues certificates attesting to passed examinations and tests;
  • ensures the development of other financial areas in which its members operate;
  • takes care to keep its members informed;
  • publishes mass media for the area of money and banking, and finance;
  • publishes bulletins and other professional publications with the aim to keep members informed;
  • interacts, monitors and channels activities in the field of collective bargaining and implementation of collective contracts and clarifications of contracts for the members of the Bank Association;
  • collects and prepares documents serving to regulate relations when common tasks are performed.