About Training Centre

The Association is seeking to implement training according to European banking standards to meet the needs of the modern financial market, which is constantly changing. In terms of the quality and quantity of banking and financial training supplied, the Training Centre of the Bank Association of Slovenia is the leading provider, and this represents a very important part of the Associations activities.

Training Centre is also actively taking part in preparing professional skills and knowledge standards in the banking sector for National Professional Qualification at The Slovenian National Institute for Vocational Education & Training.

The activities of Training centre are monitored by the Training Committee (11 HRM representatives of member banks, pursuing the training needs in their institutions).  The Training Centre offers about 100 open courses attended by approximately 2000 participants per year and presents a wide range of core banking programmes. Each year the Training Centre also organizes longer programmes, among which, the advanced “Banking School” and “Banking Operation”, where the EFCB certificates are awarded to the participants. Since June 2005, when fist EFCB certificates have been delivered, 147 certificates have been issued.

Two programmes “The Payment system” and “The Exchange office Operations” are verified by the central bank for acquiring a licence for these operations.

Apart from mentioned programmes, each year, several conferences for different banking areas take place and once a year, a professional banking conference is organized for top management of the banks. The aim of these conferences is to present current issues and to exchange experience between banks.

Participation in the European Projects

The Training Centre of the Bank Association of Slovenia has taken part in the following LdV Projects:

  • European Foundation Certificate in Banking (EFCB) – partner;
  • Quality Assurance in Learning Organisation in the Banking & Financial Sector (Qua.Lobster) – partner;
  • European Qualification Assurance League in Financial Services (€Qualifise) – national reference centre;
  • Certification & Accreditation System for Financial Services Sector Education and Training (Certified) – national reference centre and
  • European Banking Network for Quality Assurance (Euro.ba.n.qua) – relay point.

International Cooperation

The Bank Association of Slovenia is a member of International Chamber of Commerce, European Banking Federation, Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers and European Payment Council. Concerning the training activities the Association is a member of European Banking and Financial Services Training Association (EBTN) and cooperates with Agence de Transfert e Technologie Financiére (ATTF) and other foreign financial professionals.


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Training Centre Team

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Training Associate
Ms. Ksenija Jaklin
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