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Bančni Vestnik, the Slovenian journal of monetary and financial economics included in the electronic bibliography of internationally cited economics literature

The specialised professional journal of money and banking - Bančni Vestnik, published by the Bank Association of Slovenia, celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011. It brings readers access to the leading current thinking in financial and monetary economics and its practical application to the financial industry. It is the journal that helps professionals to apply economic knowledge in their work or simply to stay informed about the current economic developments. The Journal holds a non-partisan position and offers a stimulating mix of articles from local and international authorship. Its contribution to public understanding of the situation in the Slovenian financial sector was particularly valuable in the aftermath of Slovenia’s winning its statehood in 1991. Back then Bančni Vestnik provided systematic coverage of subjects and analyses of the Slovenian banking and financial system with a focus on the rehabilitation of the Slovenian banks, privatisation and consolidation processes, as well as reputation-building reflected on international ratings awarded to the Slovenian banks. Professional and wider public soon created a perception of Bančni Vestnik as a credible journal that offers strong arguments from all sides of the debate. The Journal’s continued high quality is ensured by contributions submitted by professional and academic economists and distinguished foreign authors whose treatment of subjects is of particular value in special international issues of Bančni Vestnik printed in separate volumes in the Slovenian and in the English language.

In 2007, the journal Bančni Vestnik was included in the renowned international electronic bibliography EconLit operating within the framework of the American Economic Association (AEA). It is the largest electronic library of the economics literature from around the world offering a comprehensive index of references to journal articles, books, collective volume articles, dissertations, working papers and book reviews. Since 1969, the number of copies has surged from 182 to more than 750. The electronic bibliography comprises some 630,000 entries from all fields of economics and business administration. It contains abstracts, indexes and links to complete articles of the economics journals. The electronic bibliography is available at