Aims and Scope

The objectives of Bančni Vestnik include

  • To publish papers that provide clear analysis of issues in the area of financial and monetary economics,
  • to be relevant to professional economists, and to help people in business, the professions, government and policy-making, and academics and students interested in economics to understand current economic thinking,
  • to communicate to a wider audience ideas and findings published once a month in the Slovenian language in articles by economists and experts,
  • to provide an international perspective on selected issues of current economic debate in a special issue also published in the English language,
  • to encourage work which contributes to public discussion and which is applicable to the practical concerns of decision-makers primarily in relation to banking and finance,
  • to be a forum for the members of the Bank Association of Slovenia and other institutions, and to keep business people, professionals and individuals informed of developments in the banking and financial sector,
  • to encourage and facilitate education and training of bank officers and financial experts in other institutions that cooperate with the members of the Bank Association of Slovenia, and
  • to promote modern banking theory and practice.

Cornerstones of editorial policy

  • To contribute to the functioning of a result- and market-oriented financial sector by providing a forum for creative but readable scholarly work in the field,
  • to promote the Journal’s open-mindedness by giving the floor to professional and academic experts keen to share their views of a broad spectrum of professional issues regardless of author affiliation or the fact that the credit institution is a sponsor of the Journal or not,
  • to promote the Journal’s professional rigour; authors of manuscripts help the Journal’s sponsors, enterprises and other organisations find a solution to their problems or to answer their dilemmas by sharing their findings, by providing interpretation or calculations,
  • to keep abreast of developments in the banking and finance industry by providing the current economic thinking from all sides of the debate,
  • to make the Journal easily accessible to a broad circle of readers, bank officers and managers in the Journal’s sponsor institutions and other organisations. To this end, the Journal’s editorial board addresses theoretical and general issues of financial nature laid out in accessible form to contribute to public understanding of important economic issues.