ESG Questionnaire: A company’s assessment of environmental, social and governance risks

The goal of the ESG questionnaire is for banks and savings banks to timely and carefully identify risks from the ESG field that have or could have a significant impact on the company’s operations in the future.

The new version, which is prepared in Slovenian and English, includes, in addition to some editorial changes:

a) a new question under No. 98, which asks for the annual amount of waste (in tons) that the company recycled, and

b) a new tab with added questions that are specific to individual economic sectors.

The data entrant is reminded of the possible completion of additional, industry-specific questions by entering the activity with which the company generates the most revenue in the field under no. 12.


The Slovenian and English versions of the questionnaire for the assessment of the company’s environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) risks is available here.


The Bank of Association of Slovenia

Ljubljana, 21 November 2023