The Bank Association of Slovenia was founded in 1956. The main Association’s task is implementation of the activities in the interest of its members. The Association represents the voice of banks, saving banks and leasing companies, operating in Slovenia.

Our mission

  • To represent common members’ interests by engaging with the Slovenian governmental bodies, monetary authorities, financial organisations and associations.
  • To ensure that its members’ voice is heard in the issues arising from macroeconomic and monetary policies affecting the industry.
  • To connect with the real sector, financial organisations and scientific, technical and other institutions.
  • To promote banking operations and other financial services.
  • To propose measures to facilitate modernisation and standardisation of banking operations.
  • To perform financial and legal consultancy services.
  • To organise the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes.
  • To organise project tasks in the field of financial services and banking operations.
  • To analyse operations of the banking and financial sector.
  • To organise professional training, examinations and to issue certificates.
  • To implement PR activities, publish bulletins and professional publications.
  • To interact and channel activities of collective labour bargaining.

The Bank Association of Slovenia is a member of International Chamber of Commerce, European Banking Federation, Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers, European Federation of Leasing Company Associations and European Payment Council. Concerning the training activities, the Association is a member of European Banking and Financial Services Training Association (EBTN) and cooperates with The House of Training - ATTF and other foreign financial professionals.

Bancni vestnik in English

The Slovenian monthly journal of money and banking, Bančni vestnik, is a professional journal specialised in publishing articles on banking and finance subjects. It is indexed in the renowned electronic bibliography of the American Economic Association EconLit. 

Training Centre

The Association is seeking to implement training according to European banking standards to meet the needs of the modern financial market, which is constantly changing. In terms of the quality and quantity of banking and financial training supplied, the Training Centre of the Bank Association of Slovenia is the leading provider, and this represents a very important part of the Associations activities.

European Money Week, 22-26 March 2021

As part of this year's Money Week the Bank Association of Slovenia has prepared: